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  • Kailyn Pennington

Troubled by Tippy-Tappies?

We've all been there; late at night you decide you need a snack and make your way to your kitchen. Upon entering you hear it, tippy-tapps on the tile behind you. No, it's not a monster. It's something far more terrifying: proof your dog needs a nail trim!

Nail trims are an important bit of upkeep for your dogs health. If your dogs nails get too long, they can make walking uncomfortable. It can also lead to injury if they get their nail caught on something. Not to mention they can hurt you when they jump up excitedly because you decided to get a midnight cheese snack. Ever notice though, after your clipped your dogs nails, they're jagged and sharp? Nail grinding afterwards simply sands down those sharp edges and takes a bit more nail off, making them even shorter and giving you more time before you hear those troublesome tippy-tapps again.

But every dog is different, and some dogs won't lose their tappy toes after a nail trim. Some dogs have longer quicks than others. The quick is the bundle of blood vessels and nerves that runs through your dogs nail. If you've ever cut your dog's nails and caused them to bleed, or "quicked" their nail, you know it's not pleasant for them. So some dogs, even after we've made their nails as short as possible, will still be noisy steppers.

If you're concerned about doing a nail trim yourself, or simply don't want to, we offer nail trims and grindings as stand alone services, or as add on's to whatever packages you'd like to get. At Barkers, we do nail trims multiple times a day, every day! So why not let us take care of those troublesome tippy-tappers for you?

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