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to Barkers

Here at Barkers, our number one priority is to provide you and your pet with an exceptional express grooming experience. From scheduling your appointment and drop-off, to grooming and pick-up, we promise you’ll feel comfortable and satisfied with our services.

Barkers is fully staffed with award-winning, competition-level stylists. We use all-natural, eco-friendly, and holistic grooming products. We believe in putting all of our attention into one dog at a time to cater to their individual needs. We groom each dog straight through to decrease the amount of time they are away from home. We are not a factory grooming salon and we specialize in getting to know each dog individually, training them with positive reinforcement to enjoy the grooming process. We DO NOT believe in using aggression or physical force on any dog at any time. Lastly, we strongly recommend frequent grooming and we will educate you with techniques to manage their coat in between grooming appointments to ensure the health and well-being of your dog.

We are excited to meet you and your pup! Welcome to the Barkers family!


Owner & AKC Certified Master Groomer

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