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Cold Weather Confusion?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Let us Ease Your Winter Wonder-Woes!

Not everyone knows that a dog's grooming needs change by the season, but your groomers here at Barkers are here to help!

During the colder months it's important to keep your pup warm. For some dogs this means letting their coat be longer, for others it means adorable sweaters. If you're going to let them grow out to stay warm, check out our Shape Up, or Feather Trim Packages. These packages include everything our Bath Package offers, but will also help keep the general shape you prefer for your dogs coat.

Brushing is extremely important too. Poodle, Husky, Pomeranian, or Doodle. Despite the wide range of differences here, all of these dogs need brushed to prevent matting. When their fur matts it causes a myriad of problems. It can pull at their skin, creating wounds. It can create a place for bacteria to thrive, causing infections, not to mention a smell. It can also prevent proper air circulation and oil distribution to the skin, making it dry and itchy.

Speaking of dry skin, winter grooming isn't just for the fluffy dogs! Short coated breeds need attention too. The pads on their feet and their noses can get dry and cracked, and the salt on the ground is, well, salt in a wound. It's important to condition their skin and use balms on their pads and noses. The cold weather also affects their nails, making them brittle and causing them to crack and break easily. More frequent nail trims can help prevent painful breaks.

Ask us about our Add-On Punch Cards! Buy five add-ons and the sixth is free! We offer add-ons of nose and paw balms, different skin and coat oil treatments, and of course, nail grinding. If you're not sure what your dog needs, ask us! Our goal is to help your dog look great and stay happy and healthy. See you soon!

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